Monday, January 14, 2013

What an amazing playoff weekend!

Garlic Survival Co. Garlic Salsa

What a great weekend of playoffs! There were some great games this weekend and for you football fans out there. What better way to enjoy a good game of football with some chips and fresh salsa?  For the upcoming weekend, grab yourself some Garlic Survival Co.'s Garlic Salsa and some chips and friends.  This salsa is some of the freshest salsa I have ever had and its out of a jar! The garlic adds a nice unique flavor mixed along with a little spice.  It also goes great with some nachos or quesadillas. It is so fresh that I even mix it with my salads as a healthy salad dressing.  It only has 10 calories per two tablespoons! That is extremely healthy!

Breakfast Ideas

If you are craving some Garlic Survival Co.'s Garlic Salsa in the morning, just fix up a few eggs in an omelet or you can even just scramble them and add a little garlic salsa on top.  Or you can go the extra mile and make yourself a delicious breakfast burrito and throw some garlic salsa inside along with some eggs, ham (and/or sausage, preferably and), onions, and green bell peppers for one the best at-home breakfasts.

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