Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For the Gluten Free People Out There

Are you gluten free?

A good amount of people nowadays are gluten free and that is a tough lifestyle change to make, especially if you must be gluten free for health issues.  There are many health benefits of going on a gluten free diet and it has became a "trend" in America to go on a gluten free diet.  The major problem with this diet is that it is hard to find foods that are "gluten-free."  Although the label may say it is gluten free, sometimes that is not the case and could be potentially dangerous for those of you with celiac disease.  GMB Specialty Foods offers 24 products that are truly gluten free and will make your diet easier on yourself.  These products include pasta sauces, marinades, salad dressings, fudge sauces, etc.  

Just because you are on a gluten free diet, it doesn't mean you cannot enjoy some great tasting food! Just check out our website for a complete list of our gluten free products and some great recipes that go with those items.  You can click here for the complete list.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

What an amazing playoff weekend!

Garlic Survival Co. Garlic Salsa

What a great weekend of playoffs! There were some great games this weekend and for you football fans out there. What better way to enjoy a good game of football with some chips and fresh salsa?  For the upcoming weekend, grab yourself some Garlic Survival Co.'s Garlic Salsa and some chips and friends.  This salsa is some of the freshest salsa I have ever had and its out of a jar! The garlic adds a nice unique flavor mixed along with a little spice.  It also goes great with some nachos or quesadillas. It is so fresh that I even mix it with my salads as a healthy salad dressing.  It only has 10 calories per two tablespoons! That is extremely healthy!

Breakfast Ideas

If you are craving some Garlic Survival Co.'s Garlic Salsa in the morning, just fix up a few eggs in an omelet or you can even just scramble them and add a little garlic salsa on top.  Or you can go the extra mile and make yourself a delicious breakfast burrito and throw some garlic salsa inside along with some eggs, ham (and/or sausage, preferably and), onions, and green bell peppers for one the best at-home breakfasts.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Must-Have Product For The Playoffs!!

Norman Bishop Chili & Garlic Grilling Sauce

The perfect blend of poblano and serrano chilies with fresh roasted garlic thrown into the mix.  

This grilling sauce will make any playoff game a good one! Have a kickback with your friends and fire up that grill and lather some Norman Bishop Chili and Garlic Grilling Sauce onto your favorite meats.  Once your done grilling the meat, serve to your friends and family and watch them enjoy the unique blend of spices lathered into your dish of choice.  Its perfect for any spice lover.  Its not too spicy but spicy enough to add that extra kick to your grilling!  You can't enjoy a football game without some good grilling can you? I know I can't! Enjoy!

Norman Bishop Chili and Garlic Grilling Sauce

Antonellos Helps the Less Fortunate on the Dr. Drew Show

Antonello's Ristorante on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers

On Dr. Drew's Lifechangers show, Antonello's Ristorante helps a less fortunate couple with their problems.  The video is just a clip of the entire episode but it is the most important part.  This is truly moving and it is such a great thing of Antonello to do.  You can feel the emotion and appreciation in this video and really makes you appreciate all that you have. This is all thanks to you guys! Antonello's Ristorante and pasta sauces allowed Antonio the opportunity to help others.

You can check out Antonello's pasta sauces here

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution Ideas

Its the new year and for those of you that made it your goal to lose weight, we have the perfect product to help you achieve that goal.  Our Lean On Me brand focuses primarily on healthy, natural products that taste great at the same time.  Lean On Me offers a wide range of products from marinades to salad dressings so your diet will never be boring or bland.  Try the Lean On Me Lemon and Garlic Marinade with some chicken and stir fry for a nice healthy meal after that tough workout.  Or if you are feeling like a salad for dinner, drizzle some Lean On Me Caesar Salad Dressing or Citrus Sesame Salad Dressing over that bed of lettuce and vegetables and eat away!
Lean On Me also offers a wide variety of mustard for all of those mustard-lovers out there.  It goes perfect with meats or sandwiches or just about anything you would like to add it to.  Getting creative is a great way to keep your diet interesting and keep you on your path to losing weight.  Enjoy and good luck! Happy New Year!