Monday, January 7, 2013

A Must-Have Product For The Playoffs!!

Norman Bishop Chili & Garlic Grilling Sauce

The perfect blend of poblano and serrano chilies with fresh roasted garlic thrown into the mix.  

This grilling sauce will make any playoff game a good one! Have a kickback with your friends and fire up that grill and lather some Norman Bishop Chili and Garlic Grilling Sauce onto your favorite meats.  Once your done grilling the meat, serve to your friends and family and watch them enjoy the unique blend of spices lathered into your dish of choice.  Its perfect for any spice lover.  Its not too spicy but spicy enough to add that extra kick to your grilling!  You can't enjoy a football game without some good grilling can you? I know I can't! Enjoy!

Norman Bishop Chili and Garlic Grilling Sauce

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