Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Perfect with just about anything!

If you are a huge on grilling and cooking meats, you have to check out Garlic Survival's Garlic Infused Chipotle Oil.  I use it just about every time I cook anything that involves meat; it adds a whole different and unique taste to any dish you prepare.  The chipotle in the oil is noticeable, but not overwhelming.  It has the perfect balance of spice and taste and it also hits home with the garlic flavors. One of my personal favorites from Garlic Survival and it will be yours too!  The smokey flavor from the oil also goes great when you pan fry some vegetables and mix it in with rice or any side dish of your choice.

Also, if you are a bread and olive oil kind of person, you must try Garlic Survival's Chipotle Oil.  I even drizzle some of this chipotle oil over my pizza and garlic bread.  There are some recipes located on our website if you are curious in the ways you can use this oil; just click here to view them all!  Enjoy
The Garlic Survival Co. Chiptole Garlic Infused Oil |
Add this to just about anything to add a nice unique kick!

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